What is the size of the Journey scarf?
The size of the XL Journey scarf is 110”L x 38"W. You can see how it looks on 5'9" (Charcoal Grey) and 5'6" (Powder Grey) product pages. Our XL Large Journey Scarf measures 35"+ longer than the average scarf size on the market (50-70" long). It can double as a blanket at home or on a flight, and will keep you warm no matter where you go.

What is the gauge of your cashmere fibers?
The fibers are woven, dyed and finished into the final product. NOW ARRIVING scarves are 7 gauge knit and 2-ply, which classifies the yarn and knit count and thickness of the yarn. 

Will my scarf pill?
Pilling occurs naturally in many fabrics, especially with cashmere fibers no matter the brand, manufacturer, price point or item. We have personally experienced major pilling of cashmere pieces from many European and American luxury brands made in Italy, France and the United States, and several brands and the finest dry cleaners in New York, Paris and London have confirmed this fact over the phone. Remember, everything from rubbing against a bag strap, coat lining, sweater or seat belt can cause pilling. 

How do I take care of my scarf?
How you care for your piece is extremely important in the lifecycle of your Journey Scarf. We personally use the Conair Fabric Shaver (available here on Amazon and Target) to get rid of all pills. We have not had to use it on our Journey Scarves in the past three months. A client of ours has worn her scarf every day for two months, but has also been rough with it, stuffing in and pulling out of bags, throwing it in the car and constantly fiddling with it. She has reported pilling and has also used Conair to remove the pills on her scarf. 

The claim is that organic dry cleaning is the easiest way to clean your cashmere, while many credible media outlets and personal stories argue that dry cleaning is not the best way, but the most expensive way to keep your cashmere clean. Here is a Real Simple tutorial on how to clean your cashmere at home. 

NOW ARRIVING is not responsible for any damages caused by personal and third party cleaning methods. Cashmere is a luxury fabric, so please be gentle and handle your cashmere with care.

When will my order ship?
We process and ship out orders within 1-2 business days. You will receive an email with order tracking information once your order has shipped.

What is your return policy?
You must return your purchase seven days from the day you received it, as outlined in our terms before checkout. You will get a refund of the item minus shipping, and are responsible for the shipping back to us. 

Where do you ship to?
We ship worldwide. Domestic and international shipping is calculated prior to purchased, based on the receiving location, weight of the package and any associated taxes. All international clients are responsible for all customs, duties and additional taxes associated with importing merchandise.